What Hair Restoration Procedure Is Right for You?

November 2, 2018

There are a lot of options on the market for hair restoration, and it can get a little confusing choosing which solution is the right one for you. Before making a decision, take some time to learn about the options available to you, consider what you want the end result to be, and talk to a hair loss specialist for their hair restoration recommendations.

Below are some of the most popular hair restoration options available today.

Micropigmentation and 3D Scalp Micropigmentation

Micropigmentation is a noninvasive hair restoration procedure that uses microneedles to deposit pigmentation (color) into the scalp. The technique within scalp micropigmentation is to mimic the look of natural hair follicles – so that even if you have thinning hair, it resembles a full head of hair.

3D micropigmentation uses state-of-the-art, medical-grade pigment in the procedure. This is different than scalp tattooing, which uses regular ink and can therefore appear unnatural.

The ink used in 3D micropigmentation provides a far more natural look because of the ink quality, and because of the stubble hair-mimicking technique used in the procedure.

The benefits of micropigmentation procedures for hair loss are:

  • No surgical incisions are necessary. This means there is far less recovery time needed, and you will have no scars.
  • There is very little maintenance required.
  • You can return to your normal activities quickly after the procedure.
  • The procedure is cost-effective and much more affordable than hair transplant & restoration procedures.
  • It’s completely customizable, so you can choose the style and color as you please.

The Right Candidate for Micropigmentation

This is the perfect solution for individuals with thinning hair, male pattern baldness, hair-system wearers, or irregular hair loss. The procedure is also far more affordable than hair transplant & restoration procedures.

Scalp Microneedling

Microneedling (also called collagen induction therapy) involves making very small wounds on the skin to trigger the natural healing system to heal the “wounds.” Very thin needles are used to make extremely small holes in the skin, which serve as the wounds.

Scalp microneedling uses this technology to trigger new, healthy cells to generate on the scalp, which facilitates the growth of new hair follicles. The procedure is typically performed in multiple sessions in intervals of about one month, and it is completely painless because a local anesthetic is used for pain. Scalp microneedling is a great way to trigger a person’s own natural hair to grow.

The Right Candidate for Microneedling

Scalp microneedling is an excellent option for individuals who are seeking thicker hair due to hair loss and are willing to put in the time to achieve completely natural results. The procedure requires multiple sessions, and it is less expensive than hair transplant & restoration procedures.

Hybrid Procedures for Hair Restoration

For some people, one type of hair restoration procedure is not enough to get the desired results. In cases like this, hair specialists may use multiple hair restoration techniques to get the desired results in the best way possible.

Below are some hair restoration procedures that can be used together:

FUT & FUE for Hair restoration

Hair transplant procedures involve taking hair follicles from a donor site (an area of the head that has hair) and transplanting them to the desired location. The Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) method involves removing a strip of tissue from the donor site that contains hair follicles, whereas the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method involves removing tiny groups of hair follicles individually from the donor site.

The FUT method results in thicker hair, while the FUE method results in more natural-looking hair.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy

These therapies involve using the body’s natural healing systems to trigger cell regeneration and repair in the scalp, which can induce hair growth.

The Right Candidate for Hybrid Hair Restoration Procedures

Multiple hair-restoration procedures may be the right solution for someone who isn’t going to get the desired results from one single procedure. An example is someone who has significant hair loss, and so a hair transplant procedure will not result in the hair thickness that the individual desires.

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