Does Scalp Micropigmentation Look Real?

Scalp micropigmentation is a cutting-edge, non-invasive, non-surgical hair loss treatment in which tiny hair follicles are replicated by use of a sophisticated micro-needling technique to resemble previous density. In short, micropigmentation is similar to tattooing to give the appearance of a few day’s growth of hair – perfect for men who like a cropped or near-shaven look or women who need to fill in a thinning area. But does scalp micropigmentation look real? The answer is, yes, it does. Here is how micropigmentation may be the solution you are looking for to capture a suave, sophisticated look without having to deal with hair transplants or laser treatments.

The Process of Micropigmentation

The micropigmentation procedure is similar to tattooing, but not quite. Like tattoo artists, micropigmentation technicians are creative and use your skin as a canvas. In the case of a micropigmentation technician, the goal is to create renditions of hair follicles that appear to be real. They do this by using shading techniques to create a natural-looking head/scalp of what appears to be close shaved hair.

Technicians go through extensive training before they’re permitted to perform micropigmentation. The tools they use to transfer pigment to the patient’s scalp are highly specialized and in the skilled technician’s hands can create intricate, professional and natural looking results. The tool itself is equipped with one to six needles that are of different sizes and shapes, each able to inject pigment hues into the scalp.

The Procedure of Micropigmentation

During the procedure, the micro-pigmentation technician inserts mini drops of pigment into the skin through the upper dermis. A natural look is created as needles that cycle 100-150 cycles per second perforate the epidermis in order to penetrate the dermis. The technician is both artisan and skilled operator, carefully feel their way through the process while visually assessing results as the procedure is underway. For perfect results, the technician must insert the right amount of pigment into the scalp and at the correct level – this involves detailed mathematical equations that consist of the approximate relationships between variables that include angle, depth, resistance and viscosity, not to mention color and hue.

Each Procedure, a Priceless Work of Art

Each procedure is unique and will vary dependent on the patient. The angle at which the needles are inserted, along with the depth at which it penetrates, for instance, relies on the scalp that’s being treated. A trained technician makes adjustments as he goes along, paying close attention to the areas of the scalp that differ from one area to the other.  Addressing and adjusting to the various factors is essential for results that look both natural and organic.

It doesn’t matter if the patient has lost their locks due to male pattern baldness, a genetic occurrence or a scar causing injury, scalp micropigmentation can produce real looking follicles that fill out bald spots or cover the entire scalp. For optimum results, the client may require several treatments.

If you’ve experienced hair loss and are considering treatment, scalp micropigmentation may the right choice for you. It is non-invasive and at MAXIM Hair Restoration, we can provide a comfortable session right here in our office utilizing sophisticated, state-of-the-art tools by professional technicians. Contact MAXiM Hair Restoration to request a free consultation and learn more about scalp micropigmentation cost.

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